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Sad Times at Fluff

14 Sep

Well I made it to paris and, voilà my internet refuses to post any more than this!  I’ve temporarily moved to it will mostly be Paris updates, and maybe some fluff along the way.

Au Revoir!  Leanne


One Week in Paris

8 Sep

It’s been almost a week of life in Paris and I’ve barely taken a single picture!  We have been unbelievably busy with classes and adjusting to Parisian life that the responsibility of documenting my time has not been high on my to do list.  So far my classes have been amazing and we have already had class in the Pompidou and the Louvre!  I’m also taking 12 hours of french a week, which is helping already.  So far this is my schedule, and halfway through the semester the French class will end.

My home is Paris has been incredible so far.  I live with a host mother in the Marais which is the oldest district in Paris!  It’s beautiful here and every day I have been exploring my neighborhood.  Here are a few pictures of my apartment in Paris:

That’s all the computer can handle at the moment, so I’ll post some more later another time and hope the internet speeds up!

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