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Final Fox

15 May

I seriously found foxes all over the internet this week, so I have to make one more fox related post.  This is a fusion of the French artists Supakitch and Koralie, as they create a wall mural for a Swedish exhibit.  Notice how Supakitch only works on the male and Koralie only works on the female, I found it a very interesting collaboration.



>Jim Pluk

10 May

>Jim Pluk is an artist from Columbia, I love his cartoonish creatures and the bright colors he uses.  Check out the rest of his work on his website.

>Rogier Houwen

3 May


Rogier Houwen is a young photographer living in Amsterdam, you can check out more at his website

>Alexis Anne Mackenzie

20 Apr


“It Matters To Me”

“Never Be Sad”


 “Light Moves on the Water”

Alexis Anne has created some really cool prints with a message, check out all her work at:

>Enlightenment Comes Like Shattering Glass

7 Apr

>The Chan Buddists of the Song Dynasty believed enlightenment could come at any moment, even during the most mundane tasks.  Here Hui Neng reaches enlightenment while chopping bamboo, so keep your mind open for that moment of illumination.

Hui Neng, the Sixth Patriarch, Chopping Bamboo at the Moment of Enlightenment
Liang Kai (1200 C.E.)

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