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>Fleet Foxes

14 May

>Fleet Foxes just so happen to go perfect with this weeks fox theme, so I had to post another song.  This time we’re listening to Ragged Wood from their first album.  Enjoy!


>Friday Night Jams

6 May

>The New Fleet Foxes Album is finally here!  You can buy the album here, but for now take a listen to Lorelai:

>Friday Night Jams

29 Apr

>Tonight we’re going down south to the land of the pines with Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show.  This song is supposedly taken from an unfinished Dylan song and transformed into folksy-bluegrass by Old Crow.

>Friday Night Jams

23 Apr


Classic CCR

>New Fleet Foxes!

19 Apr


May seems to be the month for new albums! With Of Monsters and Men and now Fleet Foxes coming out with brand new music for the Month of May.  It’s been about three years since Fleet Foxes self-titled first album.  Here is a sample of their new album with Grown Ocean:

>Friday Night Jams

9 Apr

>Tonight I’m headed back to 1976 where The Band hosted The Last Waltz in San Fransisco.  It’s a great live album, and I highly recommend listening to the whole thing, but here is Ronnie Hawkins in ‘Who Do You Love?’

>Little Talks

7 Apr


I was planning on posting the single, Little Talks, by Of Monsters and Men, but Blogger didn’t quite understand and unploaded this little kitty instead!

But seriously, Of Monsters and Men is an Icelandic Indie/Folk band with a really cool sound, they’re coming out with a full album in May.  Here’s a preview with Little Talks:

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