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DIY Ombre

6 Oct

After a failed experience at a Parisian hairdresser a decided that I would “ombre” my own hair.  It turned out to be really easy and it came out great!

What you need:

  • L’Oreal Perfect Blonde Highlighter Kit
  • Towel
1.  Follow the instructions on the highlighter kit and mix everything
2.  Put the towel around your shoulders, so the bleach/dye doesn’t get on you
3.  Part your hair into two sections
4.  Beginning at the ends work the dye into your hair, stopping where you want the ombre to begin
5.  Leave in for 15-20 minutes (don’t be afraid to leave it in, and if your worried it’s getting too blonde, you can just rinse it and try again)
6.  Wash out all the dye from your hair and blow dry it completely
7.  Apply the highlighter again, this time don’t go up as high
8.  Wash and dry
9.  One more time, this time really just get the ends
10.  Wash and dry, if you decide you want to go blonder try again, it’s not very precise and it may take longer depending on your hair type/color
So that’s all there is! It’s really easy and there isn’t too much risk cause if you end up not liking the way it turned out you can just cut it!


25 Aug

A friend of mine suggested I make this Free People Passport holder, before my semester in France.  So it looks easy enough, but sewing leather is not as easy as the pictures make it seem!  I went out to Michael’s and bought the sewing awl, leather sheet and leather cording that the Free People DIY suggested.  I drifted from their pattern right from the beginning.  So I’ll show my step-by-step:

1.  Fold the leather sheet into an envelope shape making sure that your passport will fit inside!

2.  Thread the awl.  (Free People chose to use the awl just to poke holes through the leather then sew it separately) Here is a good link to explain how to actually use an awl.

3.  Start sewing using the awl.  It took me a while to get used to sewing with the awl, and I had a little trouble keeping a straight line, but I would say the most important thing is to make sure you have enough thread pulled on the backside for the entire length your sewing

4.  End the stitch, if you skip to the end of this video, you will find out how to end the stitch.  There will be a knot showing, and I think it looks better on the back side of the envelope, but that is up to you

5.  Start again on the other side of the envelope, it will be easier this time, I promise!

6.  Once you finish sewing the sides use the needle point of the awl to stab a hole in the top flap of the envelope.  If you have an exacto blade it will be much easier to use that.  Widen the hole so that the leather cord will fit through and then lace it.

7.  Tie the rest of the cord around the clutch and your done!

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