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Daily Fluff

26 May

I wish a rock could make me as happy as it makes this River Otter!


Daily Fluff

25 May

Hello world!

Camila do Rosàrio

24 May

I love these ethereal mixed media images by Camila do Rosario.  You can look at her Flickr here, she has so much beautiful work!

P.S. Click to enlarge these images, I haven’t quite mastered WordPress yet

All images from Booooooom and Trendland

Daily Fluff

24 May

Here’s some otter love!


Daily Fluff

23 May

We’re going back to otters this week, I got a little lazy last week and never finished the week out.  So here with are with this adorable rescue story.

>Daily Fluff

16 May

These little guys are too cute!

>Daily Fluff

15 May

This week we’re going to be checking out otters, so I’ll start you out with this cute video!

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